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Giant Najaarsklassiekers 2020 Newsletter 1

Best friends,

The world was made through corona on the head, though. In our sport, we find it on all of them. However, We are very happy that we have a lot of aspects of our beloved hobby and to exercise. Our organization has even seen how it is inside, the sport would be more advanced. In the meantime, we see plenty of opportunities to make up for the 15th year in a row, the special najaarsvluchten from the island of Urk to your organization. Of course, this will be the subject of all of the protocols and the terms and conditions around the corona and be done. This will make us to be a bit of a limit order is an extremely important part of the najaarsvluchten, having a good time, in full. Nevertheless, it will be you, possibly, through other means, however, as much as possible to offer them. . After the success of the year of 2019 at the latest, we'll try to have a more appealing program will be submitted to the members of the sections 5,6,7,8,9,10, and 11. So we first focus on the members of the sections 5,6,7,10, and 11, except that the members of the sections 8 and 9 so as to be able to move. The members of the other 4 sections are more than welcome to, if they so desire.


What's going to happen?

As the lead organizer for PV Flevoland, Urk, the netherlands will be najaarsklassiekers to organize after the regular season, starting on Saturday, september 19, 2020 This najaarsklassiekers are two flightlines the right to vote. a Western and an Eastern. The Eastern line, with the inkorfcentra in Damwoude, Zuidhorn, Noordwolde, Balk, and Urk

The program is:

19-09 Duiven

26-09 Boxtel

03-10 Weert

10-10 Tongeren

17-10 Bierges

To the West the line with the inkorfcentra in Hendrik ido Ambacht, Alphen a/d Rijn, Zaandam, and the island of Urk, On the former island, the lovers choose to the West, or the Oostlijn.

The program is:

19-09 Wolvertem

26-09 Bierges

03-10 Quievrain

10-10 Arras

17-10 Peronne

Have you heard if there is enough interest. This can be done directly from the inkorflokaal, or by or, at the head of the organization, 06-23801027. Please enter your name, inkorflokaal where you want to basketting, and a very rough estimate of the number of birds, by. In addition, if you want to play for the many prizes or more than vrachtduif inkorft. You can help our organization was very involved.

You are required to have the clocks No, not at all. You may use them as a cargo pigeons are resistant, they do not, over time, as it was decided at the annual GENERAL meeting of the NPO, during the past winter. But it was a lot of fun, and handsome wall clocks. You can configure the nat, where you can inkorft is also needed. There are lots of prizes to be won, and not only the winners, but especially to the “regular” lofts

The main sponsor For 2020, it will be Giant Bicycles, from Lelystad, the netherlands is once again the main sponsor to act for the Najaarsklassiekers. We have our main sponsor and is grateful for the trust placed in us.


 We, as a committee, are trying once again to a generous sponsorship package to meet the prices with each other, so that as many people as possible for a prize to win. Would you also like to become a sponsor of the najaarsklassiekers, please contact Louw van den Berg, 06-22258877), or Simon the Sailor (06-23801027)
 And for a good cause, we also have a bonnenverkoop to organize. If you are in a good, playful people who like to make our objectives are to help, then please sign up for the bonnenverkoop by
Suggest to all your questions on the taartvluchten via e-mail at . Do you want to get this newsletter in the future, in your e-mail is received, please leave your address at this email address. In addition, the news once again, as soon as may be posted on our web site In the next edition of the newsletter, we pay attention to all kinds of things around the najaarsklassiekers.

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